Axiom is here for all of your armored transportation needs. We are a full-service armored car company that is fully insured, so you never have to worry about your valuables. Since we at Axiom operate out of the remote land of Alaska, we have had to wear many different hats at our company. This gives us a wide range of experience transporting cash and valuables to and from various metropolitan and remote locations for important clients for more than 20 years. Many financial institutions and companies trust Axiom to protect their cash and other valuables in transit. Between our fleet of armored transport vehicles and expert security personnel, your assets are safe with Axiom Armored Transportation. 

What is an Armored Vehicle? 

An armored vehicle (also oftentimes referred to as an armored car, armored truck, armored cash transport car, or security van, among other names) is an armored van or truck that is used for transporting cash and other kinds of valuables, particularly for banks and retail companies. They are specifically designed to be resistant to attempts at robbery and hijacking. At Axiom, we have a fleet of more than 20 armored trucks that are ready to move your assets and valuables safely and securely. 

Axiom is a Full-Service Armored Car Company

Axiom is what is referred to in our industry as a full-service armored car company. What does that mean? We are more than just a money truck company. We transport money, retail items, plane side, port access, cash & check, coin, precious metals, pharmaceuticals, governmental ballots, and any other valuable items for you across land, sea, or air. Our fleet of armored vehicles is operated by reliable and highly-trained security guards and personnel. When you choose Axiom’s armored transport services, you can rest safely in the knowledge that your money and valuables will arrive safely and on schedule. 

Axiom’s Areas of Service

From any one of our five locations, we serve large metropolitan cities to small islands and other remote communities. We have airport ramp and city port access to all of the locations we serve. We provide our financial institutions in Alaska, Washington, and California with full depository service in and out of the Federal Reserve Bank in multiple cities. 

Axiom is Fully Insured 

Axiom is fully insured by the underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. Never trust an uninsured armored truck company to transport your items for you! 

How Do Armored Car Services Work?

At Axiom, our armored transportation services include the transportation of your goods in a secure fashion to and from your desired locations. If you have cash and valuables that need to be securely transported from one place to another, we can help. 

Some Axiom Armored Transportation Services Include: 

The following are just some of the armored transportation services provided by Axiom: 

  • Retail deposit pickup and delivery services 
  • Bank and credit union cash and coin shipments 
  • Same-day emergency cash shipments
  • Coin returns
  • Coin purchases
  • ATM replenishment services

Why Use Armored Truck Services? 

Axiom has been the safe choice for armored transportation since 1997. We utilize the latest methods in logistics, communications, and security to keep your cash and valuables secure during transport. We are also fully insured, so you never have to worry. There are three main components to Axiom’s armored transportation services: our armored vehicles, our personnel, and our comprehensive insurance. 

Secure Armored Vehicles

Axiom’s fleet of more than 20 armored trucks are equipped with the latest safety technology to keep your assets secure. Our drivers stay with the trucks 24/7 so you can know your valuables are in the right hands at all times. 

Strong Personnel

Our personnel is highly trained and vetted. They undergo an extensive background check and are the best in the industry. Axiom’s team is passionate about security and cash safety and management. 

Comprehensive Protection 

Our transportation service is fully backed by Lloyd’s of London, so you can be sure that your cash and assets are fully protected while they are in our possession. 

Benefits of Armored Truck Transport

There are several benefits to utilizing the Axiom’s armored truck transport services. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Axiom for all of your armored transportation needs: 

  • Saves your company time and money 
  • Lowers the risk of theft and mishandling of your cash and valuables 
  • Frees up resources and employees for more productive activities 
  • Increase your company’s overall efficiency 
  • Improves security for your employees, customers, and assets 
  • Gives you the peace of mind of knowing your transport is handled safely by Axiom.

Armored Trucks for All Industries

We provide armored truck transportation services for a wide variety of businesses in many different industries. For all of our clients, we know that safety and security is essential to protect employees, customers, your cash and valuables, as well as the profit of your business. 

What Kinds of Items are Included in Armored Transportation? 

If you need it transported safely, we can handle it. Here are just some examples of the items that Axiom Armored Transportation has safely transported over the years and that we can also safely transport for you: 

  • Cash
  • Coins
  • Precious metals 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Government ballots
  • Art
  • Jewelry 
  • And more. 

Axiom Armored Transport’s Other Services 

In addition to armored transportation services, Axiom also offers cash logistics and ATM services. We are here to meet all of your financial transport needs. 

Don’t Take Chances with Your Money and Valuables

Transporting cash and goods is a serious business, and Axiom takes it seriously. Never take chances when it comes to your money and most important items. Rather, let Axiom’s Armored Transportation services handle any important travel and transport for you. We are the leading experts in armored transportation. Axiom’s team is here to ensure that your valuable goods and cash are secure during transport, and arrive when and where you want them to. We aim for complete customer satisfaction. Contact Axiom’s Armored Transportation today to find out how we can help you move your cash and goods safely.